There is so much to do in Amsterdam. Whether you are looking for action, depth or a relaxing trip, Amsterdam has it all. The whole family can also have a great time during one of the many fun family trips in the city. Are you planning a weekend out in Amsterdam? Then of course you want to know what sights there are in Amsterdam! From museums to the oldest café in Amsterdam. We have listed all the sights in Amsterdam for you.

Vondelpark - 2.6km

The Vondelpark is located close to PREMIER SUITES PLUS Amsterdam and dates back to 1865. The park is the ideal place for a stroll, a bike ride or a romantic picnic. Next to the beautiful ponds and relaxing nature you should make sure not to miss the famous open-air theatre.

Artis ZOO - 5.2km

The ZOO of Amsterdam is the oldest zoo of the Netherlands and has a history going back to 1838.The wildlife park contains over 900 different animal species. It is the perfect place for a family day out on a sunny day in Amsterdam.

Rijksmuseum - 3km

On a rainy day in Amsterdam the Rijksmuseum is the perfect place for a cultural stop. You can spend hours admiring the artworks across the 80 galleries in the Rijksmuseum. Getting hungry after staring at all that art? Enjoy a culinary bite in the michelin-star restaurant inside the museum.

Canal Tour - 4km

You cannot visit Amsterdam without taking a canal tour to explore the city. It is a relaxing way to discover everything that Amsterdam has to offer, without having to make any physical effort. There are lot of great operators who offer canal tours, but we would recommend taking a longer tour to make sure you get the best experience.

Anne Frank House - 4.9km

One of the most famous museums about the second world war is definitely the Anne Frank House Museum. Visiting the place where Anne Frank and her family hid from the Nazis before being sent to a concentration camp is a very moving experience. Make sure to book your tickets in advance when you want to visit the Anne Frank House.

Van Gogh Museum - 2.7km

Another museum that you cannot mis when visiting Amsterdam is the Van Gogh Museum. This museum contains the largest collection of the works of Van Gogh in the whole world. It is advised to book your tickets online in advance to avoid queuing at the ticket desk.

Foodhallen - 4.1km

Food lovers, pay attention! Not that into culture and not in the mood for a canal tour? Then the 'Foodhallen' will be your cup of tea. Let your nose guide you among the many different food stalls and enjoy the delicious food and drinks.

Hortus Botanicus 5.1km

The Hortus Botanicus opened its doors in 1638 which makes it one of the world's oldest botanical gardens. The Hortus Botanicus is the home of over 6000 tropical and native trees and over 4,000 species.